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  • Benefits:

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    -Tickets for employees

    -Use Without charge AME Auditorium once a year

    -Discount In shop corporate gifts

    - Ability to generate unique items for your company

    -Credentials business that allow access to all the benefits of the other categories of members

    -An Organization of special temporary and / or to the permanent collection of the Museum (limit up to 40 people per visit, capacity / load halls) exhibition tours

    -Discount In general group tours

    -Appearance The logo and image in the program activities and on the Web

    -Appearance The logo and image in catalogs of temporary exhibitions and other publications to agree Evita Museum

    -Making Shares for public relations, human resources and loyalty to agree according to their needs

    -Small Breakfast and / or private dinners with the Director, Curator and / or Artist or guest Personality

    -Opportunity To travel with Curators and / or Director to exhibitions in Argentina and abroad

    - Custom electronic newsletter information for members

    -Contact Through direct telephone line and email for personal attention

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